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THE RIGHTEOUS REVEREND HOOKER – Copyright 1999 by Dave Saunders
Published by Sgt Joe Music (BMI)
From the Dave Saunders CD “Uncle John’s Tree”
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Every couple of months we’d see his wagon and his mule
And then we’d see his tent go up, in that field out behind the school
And the local drinkin’ and cheatin’ would suddenly slow down
‘Cause everybody knew that The Righteous Reverend Hooker was in town

The Righteous Reverend Hooker was a fire and brimstone man
And when he’d preach he’d hold that congregation in the palm of his hand
He’d rant and rave and carry on about that judgement day
And when the Reverend Hooker passed the plate you should’ve seen them sinners pay

Over across the railroad tracks, on the other side of town
Was a house where a bunch of young women lived with a lady named Sadie Brown
And whether or not they was kin to the preacher I never really knew
But I’ve heard some folks say that they was a bunch of Hookers, too

One night, after the service, I was lookin’ up at the sky
When all of a sudden it turned bright red, like something was on fire
And when I finally made it to the other side of town
The house where them young women lived had burned right down to the ground

Everybody got out safe, and they was just standin’ there
In them flimsy little nightgowns that was all they had left to wear
It was quite a sight to see, in the eyes of most onlookers
‘Cause there, in the middle of all of those girls, was The Righteous Reverend Hooker

The reverend said he’d only come by to talk about the price of sin
And he had no place to stay that night, so Sadie invited him in
And I know that he was tellin’ the truth, ‘cause a preacher would never lie
But there was somethin’ about that story them people just wouldn’t buy

By the time the sun came up that day, behind the schoolyard fence
Sadie and all of them girls was gone, and we ain’t seen ‘em since
And life is kinda different now, here in our little town
Since The Righteous Reverend Hooker hasn’t been around

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