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HEY, DAD... - Copyright 2001 by Dave Saunders
Published by Sgt Joe Music (BMI)
From the Dave Saunders CD “Fishin'"
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Hey, Dad, I’ve got a boy to raise
And to tell the truth, I’m not sure how to do it
And I remember, when you was raisin’ me, you made it look so easy
I always thought that there wouldn’t be nothin’ to it

And I know I’ve already raised three girls, and they turned out OK
But girls and boys are different, in a hundred different ways
So Dad, I thought I’d just come by, and pick up some advice
We did this thing together, once, and I know we could do it twice

You know the boy I’m talkin’ about, the one with your middle name
The one whose Dad has never been around, to teach him how to play life’s game
His Mom’s been doin’ the best she can to help him find his way
But it’s just more than she can handle, so now he’s mine to raise

Hey, Dad, when I was growin’ up, there was some things you forgot to mention
Or maybe the truth is really that I just wasn’t payin’ attention
But, either way, we have a chance to do it all again
And we might get it right this time, now that we’re both grown men

Hey, Dad, I’m spendin’ a lot of time thinkin’ back over the years
About all of the things that used to make us laugh, and how you’d wipe away my tears
I remember the times when you’d get mad, and put me down across your knee
And the other times, when you’d just look away, and pretend that you didn’t see

And then we’d have those big long talks, about knowin’ right from wrong
And now here I am, standin’ under a tree, talkin’ to a stone
But that stone’s a good reminder, Dad, of how solid a man can be
And now that you’re finally gettin’ some rest, I guess the rest is up to me

But I know it’ll all work out, and everything’ll be OK
I just wanted to run it past you, in case you had somethin’ to say
So Dad, I guess it’s time to go; I’ll be back whenever I can
But right now, I’ve got to go and help a boy become a man

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