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GRANDPA'S FRIEND - Copyright 2001 by Dave Saunders
Published by Sgt Joe Music (BMI)
From the Dave Saunders CD “Fishin'"
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Grandpa never spent much time sittin’ in a church-house pew
A wedding or a funeral’ll get him there, but they were kinda few
So ev’ry Sunday mornin’ Grandma’d go to church alone
‘Cause Grandpa’d always say that he’d just rather stay at home

They were two good people, and you could tell they loved each other
But sometimes you had to wonder how they ever found each other
‘Cause they were about as different as any two folks could be
But I knew I sure loved both of them, and I knew they both loved me

I went by the house one day, just to see what they were doin’
And as soon as I hit that big front porch I could tell a storm was brewin’
I could hear their voices loud and clear, comin’ right through the door
And both of them was usin’ words I’d never heard them use before

Then the door flew open, Grandpa came stormin’ out
And the look on his face said not to ask what he was thinkin’ about
He disappeared around the barn, and I went sneakin’ behind
‘Cause a ten-year-old boy just had to know what was goin’ through Grandpa’s mind

I found him out in the pasture, lookin’ up in the air
And he was talkin’ to someone, but I didn’t see nobody there
And I was too far away to understand the words that he was sayin’
But it didn’t take long to figure out that this was his way of prayin’

I left him there and went back to the house, and waited ‘til he came in
Then I tried to act real casual when I asked him where he’d been
He turned around and smiled at me, and said, with a halfway grin
I been out behind the barn, talkin’ to a friend

Then he went over to Grandma, put an arm around her shoulder
And the quiet smile that crossed her face told me that little storm was over
And all of a sudden, not goin’ to church didn’t seem quite so odd
‘Cause I understood that Grandpa was on speakin’ terms with God

From time to time I’d see him there, as the years went by
Standin’ out in that pasture, talkin’ up to the sky
And whenever I’d ask what he’d been doin’, after he came back in
He’d just say he’d been out behind the barn, talkin’ to a friend

Well, there’s been a lot of changes here around this old home place
And now when Grandpa talks to his friend, they do it face to face
And lately there’s been a whole buch of stuff drivin’ me around the bend
And I think I’ll go out behind the barn, and have a talk with Grandpa’s friend

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