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FISHIN' - Copyright 2000 by Dave Saunders
Published by Sgt Joe Music (BMI)
From the Dave Saunders CD “Fishin'"
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His shoes and socks are sittin’ up on the rocks, and his pants are rolled up to his knees
He’s soakin’ wet from wadin’ in that water, and you’d think he’s about to freeze
But there’s a smile of joy on the face of the boy who’s standin’ in that fishin’ hole
‘Cause today’s the day I put up the cash for his very first fishin’ pole

He don’t have a dad, the way I had, but then, I never had a grandpa
And I always thought that when I got a grandson I’d have a son-in-law
And I’ve been blessed with three fine daughters, and I love them, every one
But I was kinda hopin’ that, along with them daughters, there woulda been a son

So there’s somethin’ special between me and that boy, each fillin’ a need for the other
And part of the glue that holds it together is his grandma and his mother
They try to keep him tubbed and scrubbed, and churched, and all that stuff
And wipe away the tears, when life starts to get just a little too rough

But there’s some things that a boy just has to learn from a grown-up man
So I try to show him the way to go while he takes me back to where I’ve been
And the things he needs to learn from a girl, well, that’ll come later on
There’s a proper time for everything, and that time’ll come along

But right now, it’s time for fishin’, so I’m gonna set here on this rock
And watch him drown another worm while I watch his shoes and socks
And my memory seems to be pullin’ me back to another fishin’ hole
And I think that tomorrow, while he’s at school, I’ll buy myself a fishin’ pole

Copyright © 2002 Dave Saunders
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