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COOPER'S CORNER CAFE - Copyight 1978 by Dave Saunders
Published by Sgt Joe Music (BMI)
From the Dave Saunders cassette album
"It's All In The Words"

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I'm eatin' with the truckers at the Cooper's Corner Cafe
And I'm waitin' for my coffee cup to cool
When this long-haired kid in Levi's comes and sits down right beside me
And proceeds to start in actin' like a fool

He started in to flirtin' with the waitress, and for certain
He was usin' words that didn't sound too kind
But he made his big mistake when he asked her for some cake
And when she turned to get it he patted her behind

The kid thought he was clever, but I know that he had never
Met his match the way he met his match that night
And if you think pain and glory is the subject of this story
Well friend, I'd have to say you;ve guessed it right

The waitress at the Cafe is a cutie they call Katy
And Katy's quite a lady, that's for sure
And what Katy did to that poor kid was somethin' kinda crucial
And before he knew it he was on the floor

He slowly shook his head, and then he got back up and said
There ain't no woman ever made him stoop or bow
But Katy knew karate,and she tied him in a knot he
Couldn't get himself untangled from nohow

Discretion is the better part of valor, so I've heard
And I guess perhaps that kid had heard it, too
ęCause when he finally dsicovered what a whirlwind he'd uncovered,
He decided it was time that he withdrew

Now the legend and the glory will live on in song and story
In the Cooper's Corner Cafe hall of fame
How that cutie they call Katy proved that she was quite a lady
And that long-haired kid will never be the same

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