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COFFEE AND EGGS - Copyright 1978 by Dave Saunders
Published by Sgt Joe Music (BMI)
From the Dave Saunders cassette album
"It's All In The Words"

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Coffee and eggs at three a.m. in a diner on the edge of town
Where the late night crowd is laughin' loud at some story that's been goin' round
And a pretty little blonde-haired wautress is fillin' my cup again
And Lord, how I'm wishin' I could have her for a night-time friend

Coffee and eggs at three a.m. and a quarter makes the jukebox play
And the songs I hear are full of cheer, but they don't drive my blues away
And that pretty little blonde-haired waitress is lookin' pretty good to me
Bit I know I'm just wishin' for things that just can't be

Cause when I finish this coffee I've gotta hit the road again
I've got eighteen wheels and a load of steel that's gotta make the docks by ten
And there's another little blonde-haired waitress in another roadside cafe
And she wears my ring, the only thing is she's three days away

Coffee and eggs at three a.m., then it's out on the road again
Doin' my time between two white lines, wonderin' where it all might end
While that other little blonde-haired waitress, in that other roadside cafe
Is servin' coffee and eggs and three a.m. to some trucker goin' the other way

So I'll finish this coffee, and I'll hit the road, get this load to the docks by ten
I'll drop that steel, then I'll turn my wheels, and point em back home again
I'll do my time between those two white lines for three long days and then
There'll be coffee and eggs at three a.m. with my own little night-time friend

There'll be coffee and eggs at three a.m. with my own little night-time friend

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