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BIG TIME CHARLIE'S GOOD TIMES CAFÉ – Copyright 1992 by Dave Saunders
Published by Sgt Joe Music (BMI)
From the Dave Saunders CD "Uncle John's Tree"
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There's a place just down the road from here
Where you can set yourself down with a nice cold beer
And just sort of pass the time of day
It's called Big Time Charlie's Good Times Café

Big Time Charlie is a friendly kind of guy
With a smile on his face, and a twinkle in his eye
Straight and honest as a Georgia pine
And I'm proud to say that he's a friend of mine

Charlie's got him a local crowd
And sometimes they get kinda rowdy and loud
But they're just a bunch of good ol' boys
Who like to stop by and make some noise

Every day about noon they start to arrive
Swarmin' in like bees to a hive
And you can hear the jukebox start to play
At Big Time Charlie's Good Times Cafe

There's Billy, sittin' at the end of the bar
Talkin' 'bout his hopped-up racin' car
And Bobby's shootin' another game of pool
And Jimmy's about to fall off of his stool

They're all part of the regular bunch
That likes to stop by and drink their lunch
You'll find them there 'most any day
At Big Time Charlie's Good Times Café

Big Time Charlie left home a while back
Headed south, down the railroad track
And they say he's been all around the world
But he come back and married a hometown girl

Old Charlie used to have a light in his eye
For any pretty thing that might walk by
But he met up with a gal named Fran
And she made Charlie a one-woman man

She turned on them female ways
And she put an end to his wanderin' days
But Charlie, he don't seem to care
'Cause him and Fran make a real good pair

When Charlie decided to settle down
He bought him a place on the edge of town
On an acre and a half of Georgia clay
And named it Big Time Charlie's Good Times Café

So if you're ever in town, and you're feelin' low
And you're lookin' for a friendly kind of place to go
Just head on out to the edge of town
And visit the friendliest little place around

And don't be surprised if that great big smile
Makes you want to settle down and stay awhile
And I guess that' about all there is to say
About Big Time Charlie and the Good Times Cafe

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